Palatine Lock And Key Ignition Repair Palatine, IL


The ignition switch in your car is a critical component. If you’re having trouble with a faulty switch, you have a few options on hand. You can contact your car dealer and ask for help, get your car towed to a mechanic, or - if you’re anywhere in the Palatine, IL area – you can hire Palatine Lock And Key. We are professional automotive locksmiths that have been helping local car owners with their ignition problems for the past decade. We have the expertise to do the job right, and our service is economically priced.

Repairing an ignition switch quickly is paramount

The ignition switch is a critical component in the car. Not only does it send power to the engine, it is also responsible for powering up various utilities/accessories like power windows, the car’s radio, and the air conditioner. If the switch is stuck, a key broke in the lock, it’s loose, or the car won’t start if you turn the key in the switch, then it’s a good idea to hire our ignition repair team. Faulty switches aren’t just a major headache – they are an accident waiting to happen. Cars can stall while you are driving them at full speed.

When should you hire our service?

If the problem is with the ignition system, then our ignition repair service is the perfect choice. Sometimes the problem lies with the other parts in your car, like the car engine, so you will need a mechanic in those cases. For fixing the switch, though, we don’t charge a lot and can get the job done quickly. Here are some of the scenarios during which you should hire us:Palatine Lock And Key Palatine, IL 847-227-6014

  • Ignition switch is stuck in the ON/OFF/ACC position
  • The switch refuses to budge
  • It’s loose
  • The car won’t start even when you turn the key
  • The car repeatedly stalls

Repair or replacement service

Our ignition repair service can get the switch working again quickly. If it’s beyond repair, then we’ll replace it for you with a new one at an affordable price. We provide roadside assistance in all areas in Palatine and beyond. It takes us only a handful of minutes to get to most places in the local region.

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